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Jongin finds himself staring at a certain petite figure on the stage as the soft, angelic melody of Bossa Nova being played by the band. Even under the dim light, Kyungsoo’s beauty still shines brightly and Jongin feels like he’s being trapped under Kyungsoo’s spell. It’s not the first night he comes to this Bar -or more like a Cabaret Jongin thinks- to see Kyungsoo. He’s always been a regular at the place ever since he saw Kyungsoo performed on the stage two months ago, captivated by those beautiful sparkling orbs and heart-shaped lips. He knows that it’s all wrong, deep inside he’s dying because of the guilt that has been piling up along with his growing feelings toward the singer. Because Jongin knows, while he’s sitting here on his usual spot right in front of the stage, Baekhyun is probably waiting for him to come back home.

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kim jonguns

The beautiful United States of America

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Kim Minseok

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