Mars Power, Make Up! | 1992 // 2014

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Let's Get Our Facts Straight; Those In The 2NE1 Tag "Living" For This Drama.


To all those saying “This is K-HipHop” let me explain something to you.

1. As an artist if you want to start drama, or beef you go for somebody in the same lane as you. Example: Iggy VS Nicki, The Game VS 50 CENT. Rapper VS Rapper, Singer VS Singer, Actress|Actor VS Actress|Actor, etc. If Kemy…

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Kemy's Diss Track


What baffles me is why you target someone like Bom with a diss track. Rappers release diss tracks to illicit a response from another rapper, they like battling, it’s a test of skill. Maybe a little dig at Bom in a song is whatever but you released a personal attack knowing she won’t respond….

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And no, no, no, no! Don’t come up to me with the “Don’t hate on Kemy for speaking the truth” kind of shit.

Whether Bom’s drug issue is true or not, you don’t use someone else’s misery to become famous.

That’s low.

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r.i.p A.KOR’s career



“My fans told me to make an alien language dictionary” -Bom

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Title: Aruarian Dance

Artist: Nujabes

Played: 14901 times

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first experience this morning of an Israeli soilder pointing his gun at me. if only he pulled the trigger, i would have been buried in falasteen land



Are little teen girls telling a grown women how to dance ? “I’m so embarrassed she’s dancing like that” . will guess what you don’t have to because she doesn’t. I would like for her to dance to but I’m not going to tell her what to do . Get over it.

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YG Family collaborates with clothing store 29cm for ‘YG MV CLIP T Project’!

Artists such as Jo In Hyuk, Buzcha & Hwang Minsic were in charge of the designs. Each shirt costs 38,000KRW.

Source: 29cm

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This world is merciless, and it’s also very beautiful. - Mikasa Ackerman

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